The (occasionally) academic atmosphere of the Physics Club

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Website finally updated! We’re live!

Hello visitors and members of the Physics Club!

We have been slowly working on rolling out the basic format of this website for a while – and finally it is finished enough to take it live. So, feel free to browse around, and if you spot any errors or have suggestions for the site, please feel free to email us at
Soon we’ll be posting pictures of the club’s activities!

Thanks for visiting our webpage!

~Francis Klein, Physics Club President

Physics GRE Review Sessions!

Please fill out this survey if you would be interested in attending Physics GRE study sessions hosted by three graduate students 1-2 times a week:

Three graduate students in the UW Physics Department (John Boguski, Joe Olson, and Ed Leonard) are considering organizing a series of Physics GRE review sessions during the month of September for any physics students that might be interested. The sessions would mostly revolve around the old exams, as well as reviews of topics chosen by students that attended.

There is a tentatively planned info session Sept. 4th; the time and location are TBD. Tentatively we plan on meeting on Sundays at noon for about two hours, and a weekday evening for an hour. The weekday would depend on everyone’s class schedule, but is tentatively set for Wednesday. These meeting times would be for the whole month of September up until the exam on Sept. 28th.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Enjoy your last two weeks of the summer!

Ayah Almousa
Physics Club President

Officer Candidates for 2013-2014

Officer elections are open on WIN from today (Monday, April 15th, 2013) at 3:30pm until Thursday, April 18th, 2013 at 3:30pm. Click “Read More” to check out the candidates for next year’s officer positions:

Name: Brian T. Zutter
Majors: Physics and Mathematics
Year in School: Rising Senior
Why I would be a good officer: I firmly believe in the goals of the Physical Society: To foster a community of undergraduates interested in Physics, and also to reach out to other undergraduates and the greater community through volunteering, tutoring, etc.
Favorite Physicist: Probably Dirac, for eagerly waiting all weekend to go to a library. (Those of you who have taken quantum will know what I’m talking about)

Name: Ayah Almousa
Majors: Mathematics and Physics
Year in School: Rising Junior
Why I would be a good officer: Because I have been an officer for the last year, I now have a solid idea of how the club works behind the scenes, which means I can spend next year jumping right into what needs to be done without having to pick up many new responsibilities or skills. I am an open-minded and driven leader who is willing to collaborate with all members of the Physics Club family–officers and non-officers alike–to ensure that our community continues to grow stronger socially and intellectually.
Favorite Physicist: Carl Friedrich Gauss. Gauss was more than just the father of modern mathematics; he was so badass that he often dabbled in physics and astronomy just for fun. In fact, some of the contributions he made in these areas without really trying had bigger impacts on the development of physics than most of us could ever hope to make even after dedicating our entire lives to physics.

Name: Kyle Kretschmann
Majors: Economics with a mathematical emphasis and Accounting
Year in School: Rising Junior
Why I would be a good officer: I am interested in becoming an officer next year (specifically Treasurer) in Physics Club and here follows the required information. I would be good officer as I will strive to make physics club a vibrant and successful club on campus while listening to the interests of club members. Additionally, I will bring a unique viewpoint to the officers as a non-Physics major which will allow me to add a different voice to club matters.
Favorite Physicist: My favorite physicist is Enrico Fermi as he is a 20th century example of a physicist who could achieve success theoretically and experimentally. Beyond his contributions to particle physics he also gave rise to the Fermi Paradox and has Fermilab named after him so I find him and interesting and influential individual.

Name: Chris Coaty
Majors Engineering Physics and Physics
Year in School: Rising Senior
Why I would be a good officer: I’d be a good physics officer because I really love the club and I want to donate my time and energy to maintain its well-being. Plus, I’m in the club room 4-5 days a week anyway.
Favorite Physicist: Richard Feynman because he was the first physicist to conceptualize nanotechnology back in the 1950’s. My main research interest is in nanotechnology, so I have a lot of respect for his ideas.
Favorite Physics Joke:
So the Higg’s Boson walks into a catholic church.

The Priest sees this, storms over and angrily says, “You need to leave! They call you ‘The God Particle,’ and that’s sacrilegious, so get out!”

The Higg’s Boson replies, “But without me, how can you have Mass?”

Name: Ahmed Saif
Your year in school: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering.
Why I would be a good officer: I believe my passion and dedication to the physics club will make me work very hard towards making it a better place. I always arrive to meeting and events on time.
Favorite physicist: Nicola Tesla for AC circuits and innovative ideas (like transmitting power through waves)
Favorite physics joke:
A Higgs boson walks into a church.

“We don’t allow Higgs bosons in here!” shouts the priest.

“But without me, how can you have mass?” asks the particle.

Name: Joshua Hanneman
Year in School: Rising Junior
Major: Astronomy-Physics
Why I would be a good officer: The Physics Club has given a lot to me over the past two years, and I would like the opportunity to give back. I have been present while a number of officer meetings have taken place, so I know some of the basics of what being an officer would entail. I will press for more club events to take place, ideally having one or two per month, including events like laser tag and tanks.
Favorite Physics Joke:
What did the Nuclear Physicist have for lunch?
Fission Chips.

Name: Alex Antolak
Majors: Physics and Astronomy
Year: Rising Senior
Why I would be a good officer: I have been in the physics club for two years now and I will strive to continue to make the club a welcoming place for everyone as it was for me.
Favorite Physics Joke: Assume a spherical cow.

Name: Mathew “1 ‘t’ ” Leeds
Year: Rising Junior
Major: Applied Mathematics, Nano-Engineering, and Physics (AMEP)
Why I would be a good officer: I want to be an officer so I can help contribute and give back to the club. I intend to help lead it to success as well as continue to make it an awesome place and environment for others. I would be a good officer because I care about the club and its members, and am willing to put in the effort to make it even better!
Favorite Physicist: James Clerk Maxwell; he made major contributions to the realms of electricity & magnetism, optics and statistical physics. He also had an awesome beard.

Name: Adam Blonsky
Year: Rising Junior
Major: Physics
Why I would be a good officer: I would be a good officer due to my experience organizing for my lab group (meetings, equipment use, supplies). In addition I am a very active member of the physics club and you can frequently find me in the clubroom doing homework or just hanging out. Therefore Id be an active officer with useful skills for the club.
Favorite Physicist: Feynman, because bongos and Feynman

Name: Robert Masse
Your year in school: Rising Senior II
Your major(s): Physics, etc.
Why I would be a good officer: This being my last hard semester, I will have plenty of free time next year to drink, help lead our august club onto evermore glorious achievements, and then pass out in the club room and promote a clean and friendly club room atmosphere.
Your favorite physicist (and why) OR your favorite physics joke: Physicist – Isaac Newton, because he figured out optics, calculus, and classical mechanics while armed with only his genius and insanity.
Joke – “I don’t like it, and I’m sorry I ever had anything to do with it” – Erwin Schrodinger on quantum mechanics.
I know it’s not really a joke, but it made me smile and it accurately sums up my feelings on the matter.