2008 Election Candidates

The candidates for the 2008 Physics Club Election have been officially announced! Click this link to see a statement from each candidate as well as important election information.


Jonathan Brown

Hello fellow Physics Club members! My name is Jon Brown and I'm a senior majoring in Astrophysics with a Certificate in Business. My physics/astronomy interests are in cosmology, and my general interests are in education, philosophy, philanthropy, religion, and science and technology studies, aka, the impact of science and technology on humans and how that should shape future science policy and research, as well as appropriate and safe integration of technology into society. My current involvement in the Astronomy and Physics departments includes doing research for the Astronomy Department, being a course grader for Astronomy 103, and serving as the undergraduate representative on the newly formed Physics Department's Climate and Diversity committee. My current involvement in the Club includes being an active member as well as serving in the appointed positions of Sanitation Engineer and
Marriage Counselor. I also enjoy cake, as well as many other fine desserts.

As Club President I plan to create a friendly and welcoming environment for all students, enforce responsible financial practices, maintain sanitary/organized club room conditions; provide a multitude of resources and information on grad schools, scholarships and non-grad school post-college career options; and hold a number of different fun events throughout the year, as well as creating club T-shirts for the first time in club history. I will also greatly welcome input about any issue whether it is a concern about Club policy or a suggestion for an activity. One specific program I plan to start up will be the "Get to know your Professors, Luncheon" which will consist of inviting a
Professor to have lunch with club members and essentially have a candid chat to learn more about them, whether it be their research, views on various issues, or their experiences as being a Professor. I would like to increase the variety of beverages available for purchase in the club fridge such as introducing juice boxes for those that do not always feel like soda. I also plan to keep a constant supply of quality cleaning supplies on hand such as multiple bottles and varieties of Febreze to
keep the couch relatively fresh and interesting smelling.

Vice President/Treasurer

Kristen Jones

Hello Folks! You might know me as the extra friendly vice-president from this past year. I'm going to be a fifth year senior, double majoring in physics and astronomy-physics, and with a certificate in Women's Studies. I am really, deeply passionate about instrumentation-based research especially in the areas of cosmology, radio astronomy, and planets. Other than that I enjoy walking, writing, reading, and fencing (foil, but I hope to take sabre in the fall). I am also pretty geeky (and I love Firefly and Star Wars). A fun fact about me is that I have a twin!

This coming year I'm running for the Vice-President and Treasurer positions. I have a lot of experience in organizing UPS and a lot of knowledge about the aspects of physics that fall outside classes. If you want help or information about research, various assistant jobs, what to do for grad school, the GRE, scholarships, summer research positions, tutoring, volunteering, and extracurriculars, come see me! Besides my experience, I bring enthusiasm and dedication to the club and to its members. If I'm elected I'd like to work on making a more efficient system for displaying the immense number of opportunities available in terms of jobs, tutoring, and volunteer positions. I also hope to reinstate donut sales since they were so popular.

Jane Kaczmarek

Hello fellow science nerds!
As most of you already know, I am the one and only Jane Kaczmarek involved with UPS. I’m currently a second year physics and astronomy-physics major with an occasional desire to add a math major on top of it all. I really like space physics/astrophysics and plan on sticking in this area in the years to come.

I’m running for both vice president and treasurer of UPS for next year. My competitor for this position may have more physics club experience than me, but if appointed, I plan on integrating many years of leadership experience into the club. I would like to see more club-oriented activities and branching out into the student body. Also, as asked for by Ben Rosemeyer and Alex Lang, I promise to bring new decorations to the club room and a second chess board so that we can play ‘bughouse’. In addition, if elected, I see many more "...that's what she said" statements being made, and who doesn't find those entertaining?

So… please vote for me. I'll bring fun to the club, and I can look like a ninja and have laser-beam vision.



Sam Hurley

Hi everyone, I'm Sam Hurley. I'm currently a Physics Club coordinator and the club webmaster, and have been for the past 2 years.

Next year I will be a graduate student in the Department of Medical Physics. I think as a graduate student I will be able to provide a lot of valuable information about how grad school works and what kind of opportunities there are for students in fields related to physics.

I wish to be treasurer next year because I want to stay involved in the club, I'm a very organized person, I love Google spreadsheets :o), and I think I can help the club earn more money and continue to receive substantial support from the department. I want to step aside to let new officers implement their ideas for the club, but with my two years experience as a club officer will help teach and guide our new officers to be excellent leaders!


Ali Bramson

Yo. I am Ali Bramson. I am currently a freshman from the Madison area (Verona). From when I was 4 years old until high school I wanted to be an astronaut. Because of my on-going fascination with the stars, I am planning on majoring in astronomy-physics. I've been doing research in nanomaterials in this past year which has led to an increased interest in condensed matter physics as well.
Although I've only been in physics club for a year, I have really made an effort to get to know the club and the people in it. This club has made the transition to college easier and I have had a fun time getting to know everybody. I would love to be a coordinator in order to give something back. I really enjoy the social events held by physics club and would like to see more of them; if I was coordinator, I would push towards more of these events. I would love to be able to be involved at a more executive level and would strongly encourage active participation from all members. Knowing others in the club is a great resource for peers to work on homework with and get advice from about classes. That is why I think the social aspect is so important, especially for people with our major. I have a lot of leadership experience as well as event planning skills, so I feel I would make a good candidate to amplify a cohesive and fun environment.

Tom Bird

I'm a Sophomore Engineering Physics (also Physics and Math) major interested in Computational Plasma Physics. I pretty much live in the club room so I have a lot of interest in keeping the club running well. Also have extensive experience in Physics classes and a lot of connections with various research groups around campus.







Jake Miller

Sophomore ('07-'08)
Physics/Astrophysics Major
Expected Graduation: Spring '11

I'll do my best to consider everyone's ideas when making any decisions or planning club activities. I spend a lot of time in the club, which puts me in touch with many other active members. As a current sophomore, I expect to be around for several more years and hope to build some experience for a bigger leadership role in the future.

I also pledge to do all in my power to keep our soon-to-be unanimously "elected" dictator in check.







Alex Richetta

Greetings fellow physics club members; I would like to tell you what I offer the physics club in my candidacy for coordinator. However I believe that in order to do this, I must first tell you what I do not offer: I do not offer a catchy slogan or slick campaigning. I do not offer my popularity, nor do I offer a pretty face. I do not offer the venerable wisdom and connections of the veterans of physics club, or the unbridled enthusiasm of its newer members.

That is not however to say that I do not possess any of these traits. Let me now tell you what I do offer: I offer a solid, well rounded candidate who is able to be in touch with the rest of the club and accurately represent its needs. I offer the initiative and conviction to get things done. But most of all I offer ideas. I think a lot of people agree with me when I say that physics club is more than just a room in Chamberlain Hall. Physics club is about what the member make it, and I believe it’s the coordinator’s job to make it everything it can be. That means more social events, on days that more people are able to attend, more organized outings, and more organized meetings of members in general. Physics club is already good, but I feel that over the next year, this group of people has the potential to make it truly outstanding.

Doug Ryddner

My name is Doug Ryddner. I am a physics major, and possibly math and possibly astro-physics major. I’m a sophomore in school as of today. I'm a fan of most areas of physics. I am truly intrigued by black holes and particle physics. I am in the physics club most everyday, for many hours. I spend a lot of time in there. Also I tutor on Thursdays.

I have my time and effort to offer the club. I plan on organizing such amazing events as movie nights, and the occasional star gazing night. I would also be willing to help out and listen to requests made by club members. I am also a fan of monopoly nights!