Welcome to the University Physical Society

Welcome to UPS, or the Physics Club at UW-Madison! Here, you will find links to information concerning our current activities and services. Please feel free to contact us using the information on the left, or stop by 2328 Chamberlin Hall to see what Physics Club is all about.

Physics GRE Review Sessions!

Click the title for more information!

Please fill out this survey if you would be interested in attending Physics GRE study sessions hosted by three graduate students 1-2 times a week:

Officer Candidates for 2013-2014

Officer elections are open on WIN from today (Monday, April 15th, 2013) at 3:30pm until Thursday, April 18th, 2013 at 3:30pm. Click "Read More" to check out the candidates for next year's officer positions:

Name: Brian T. Zutter

Physics Club Newsletter 4/1/2013: Officer elections!

Greetings, members!

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and a tolerable transition back into classes. There are a few important announcements for this week:

Officer elections are going to begin on April 15th. If you want to run for an officer position of any kind, please e-mail Georgios at stratis@wisc.edu the following information about you by Monday, April 8th:

1. A picture of you
2. Your year in school
3. Your major(s)
4. Why you would be a good officer
5. Your favorite physicist (and why) OR your favorite physics joke

Paper Airplane Contest on Wednesday

The Physics Club will be hosting a Paper Airplane Contest on Wednesday, November 7th, at 7pm. There will be a workshop and building session followed by an opportunity to face off with other members of the club. We hope to see you there!

Bagel Sale Tomorrow!

There will be a bagel sale in Chamberlin near 2241 on Friday, November 2nd, 2012 from 8:30am to 12:15pm. Swing by before class to buy breakfast and support the club!

Drop-In Tutoring Schedule Available

Check out the Drop-In tutoring schedule by clicking "Tutoring" at the top of the site or on the right sidebar. E-mail ups.tutoring@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

If you are interested in becoming a drop-in tutor, please contact me through ups.tutoring@gmail.com, as well.

Ayah Almousa
UPS Tutoring Coordinator

UPS Website Back Up

As you can tell if you're reading this, the UPS website is back up and will be updated over the next few days; however, we intend to phase out of using this site. All communications will eventually be done through the Wisconsin Involvement Network, so please make sure to join the club at win.wisc.edu/organization/physicsclub. An events calendar, a mechanism for mass e-mailing, contact information, the tutoring schedule, everything--will eventually be up on that site. I will continue to maintain both websites for the time being, but it would be to your benefit to join us through WIN.

Finals Breakfast 5/17 9am-12pm

Hey all,

Like bagels, pancakes, and bacon? Come eat breakfast and relax with the Physics Club on Thursday, 5/17 from 10am-1pm.

Don't go taking finals on an empty stomach. The Physics Club is here to help you succeed!!

Fall 2011 Physics Club Kickoff

Come to the Club Room (2328 Chamberlin Hall) at 4:00pm on Thursday 9/15 for pizza, physics and fun! Its a great chance to sign up, pay your membership dues ($5) and meet other members!


Events are scheduled for:
Tuesday, November 9th at 4:30pm: New Member Social
Saturday, November 20th, noon to 6: Yerkes Observatory Field Trip
Tuesday, November 23rd at 5:30pm: Thanksgiving Potluck

* Tuesday, November 9th at 4:30pm: *Special* event for new members. Food will be provided and we encourage new members to come and meet each other! Returning members are also welcome but we especially encourage new members, as we want everybody to get to know each other!

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